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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Hiking Lake Havasu City Arizona

Yes Virginia, there is water in the Desert. Lake Havasu City sits on the shores of man made lake Havasu. A dammed up portion of the Colorado River along the Arizona/California border. We have spend the last two February's in this wonderful desert community.

A Heaven for snowbirds in winter and Spring breakers that follow, lake Havasu can be a quiet destination or a party town depending on the time of year. We prefer the quiet.

When originally researching our first long term winter getaway in 2015, the Phoenix area was our original choice. But the Super Bowl XLIX caused a drastic rise in rental rates. Someone suggested Lake Havasu so I checked it out. Surprisingly, house rental rates were much lower. With what appeared to be the same quality of accommodations and ideal weather, I was puzzled by the lower rates. When inquiring with a local property rental manager I discovered that it was 'Low Season' in lake Havasu. Why would a destination 3 hours away from Phoenix with identical weather be classified as low season? Well the answer was simple. Boaters. As a water playground, Havasu doesn't see its demand rise until late March or April. So we took advantage of the lower rates and booked a very nice 3 bedroom home with a pool and hot tub.

That was year one. We loved it so much we booked the following year in a larger 5 bedroom home as so many of our friends back home said, 'Maybe we'll come out and stay a with you next year'. And they did.

So what did we find so attractive about this area? First and foremost was the weather. we lucked out as both 2015 and 2016 experienced well above average temperatures. and the sunshine. Abundant sunshine. Many days we played a game called' Spot the cloud' there weren't many winners. It never rained. After 11 weeks we saw one day of showers on the last day of year two. You can't beat that.

As Canadians we enjoyed the company of many others from our country. Just about everyone we met was from Canada. LHC does a great job of welcoming snowbirds. Several events are held at least weekly. Restaurants offer a lot of variety and reasonable prices. You want $1 taco night? easy to find. Half price apps and drinks for Happy Hour? Easy to find.

I'm an avid hiker as you will learn as this site expands. My wife and I have two must haves for any destination. Great Hiking. And Pickleball. Throw in a Disc Golf Course ( which LHC has) and I'm all set. Ball golf is present but not on any scale that would make this a great Golf getaway. But there are a few nice courses in the area.

What I like the most about Lake Havasu City is the atmosphere. The cities motto is 'Play Like You Mean it'. There is a VERY positive vibe in this community. I sense it is due to so many people relaxing, playing and have a great time. It's contagious. And everyone seems to feed off of it. The roads are not packed with cars and the city is easy to navigate once you learn it.

If you enjoy sunny skies, hiking, water sports, great food and great people then Lake Havasu City might be a place for you.

A great resource for area information can be found at

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